Dullest and Warmest NYE Ever



"One of the reasons we're getting the dull weather is the fact that it's been so mild,” he said. “We're drawing in south-westerly wind from the Atlantic and it's also drawing in a lot of moisture. It keeps us warm but it also produces a lot of cloud.

"The globe is warming up, so we would expect our winters to be milder than they were.

"We always have milder spells throughout the year so we can't link every mild spell to climate change, but we can say that extremes in our weather will become more common as we continue through this century."

So now mild and dull weather is actually 'extreme' and yet more 'evidence' of catastrophic climate change; give us a break!

A quick look at the MET office's own CET data shows that the previous warmest December the 31st was 1859 at 11.1°C followed by the years 1834, 1901, 1850, 1878, 1876, 1805, 1915, 1934, 1920, 2004 and 1916 which was 9.1°C. Good luck finding a pattern in that!

I thoroughly recommend Ross Clark's excellent novel "The Denial'.