Magic Money



“So long as your growth rate is higher than the interest you pay on your bonds, you’re fine”. If your growth rate stalls and interest rates go up, you’re fucked.

It all sounds good, free money for all… but the Porsche question wasn’t really answered. If money is really free, why can’t we spend an infinite amount? The money we spend on debt interest in real and huge; £50bn a year. Printing money causes inflation, inflation requires higher interest rates, higher interest rates and we’re all absolutely screwed. And, even if money is so very plentiful, governments waste it at an enormous rate…. The more they have, the more they waste. Borrowing now, based on future growth and tax is the same as putting a bunch of holidays on a credit card and leaving the bill (plus interest) for your kids to pay.

I can’t believe for one second we’ve suddenly discovered a magic money tree… we’re copying what failing states have been doing for centuries; print, borrow, squander fail.