UK Government: PCR Tests Cannot Accurately Detect Covid-19


The government have finally acknowledged that PCR tests are not fit for purpose.

While PCR tests will accurately detect fragments of the Sars-cov-2 virus, this does not mean the person tested necessarily has Covid-19 or is infectious. Indeed someone who has recovered from Covid-19 and is now immune could well still test positive from a PCR test due to shedding dead virus cells.

This is an astonishing admission from the government who has been basing policy on carrying out around half a million PCR tests every day.

Now the government have introduced a 50% mix of lateral flow tests, cases have plummeted with the positivity rate for lateral flow tests a mere 0.6% compared with PCR's 11%.

25 minutes into the press release

Patrick Vallance: "If you compare lateral flow tests to PCR, you'll get more positive cases with PCR... PCR tests will pick up very low levels of virus which may not even be infectious."

Boris Johnson: "Lateral flow tests are much more likely to pick up if someone is infectious rather than merely infected."

So, there you have it, exactly what lockdown skeptics have been pointing out all along. If the testing strategy is producing thousands of unnecessary and inaccurate positive results for Covid-19, this will exaggerate case numbers and deaths. It will mean thousands of people having to unnecessarily self-isolate, especially health care workers, which puts huge extra pressure on a struggling NHS.