An excellent YouTube video by ZDoggMD. However…

The point at the end doesn’t make sense to me because vaccinated people still get infected, still have mild to moderate symptoms and can still be infectious. As a single jabber, when I finally did get infected, I had very mild symptom for two days and was back to negative LFT after seven days. I have friends who are double jabbed and became very poorly with Covid (not hospitalised) and were ill for two weeks. What benefit would there have been if I had either my second jab or a booster?


My comment on Mallen’s YouTube channel

“Every part of the Earth's climate system has continued warming since 1998, with 2015 shattering temperature records.

Let’s start by looking close to home, to see how much the local climate has been affected since 1998. Thankfully, the MET Office publish temperature data covering central England and have done since 1659. This ought to be a simple and easy way to check how much temperatures have risen in the last 30 years. I’ll get my spreadsheet out :)


How odd, no warming trend! I wonder why central England isn’t part of the “Earth’s climate system’ The same data series shows some huge swings in the past however, in relatively short timeframes. 1700 to 1730 went up almost a 1.5 degrees which would indicate that the UK’s (at least) climate has changed in the past and more quickly than it is currently, which is not at all. I wonder how much fossil fuels they burnt in the 1700s? They obviously got the message because after 1735 the temperature plummeted a quick degree over the next decade, and the world was saved. Phew.


My comment in today’s Telegraph https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/01/26/resist-progressive-attack-phonics2/

Phonics are good for very young learners but the good start in learning to read is then thrown away by forcing kids to recognise adverbial phrases, digraphs and trigraphs, subjugating and subordinating clauses and other such tosh. Irregular verbs hardly get a look-in, by the way.

The conceited fools who run the education seem to think that knowing various grammatical terms somehow makes you good at grammar when in reality, developing a love of reading, especially at primary school, is key to becoming good at English.

Don’t get me started on how primary teachers and government ministers alike are unable to do simple trigonometry or calculus. Obviously it’s much more important to learn some fancy words for everyday sentences.