More unreferenced tripe from the ever appalling Times.

"new waves of greater magnitude". Our 'second wave' was half of the first in terms of excess deaths.

"Sweden, whose loose, mainly voluntary, restrictions were once a beacon to lockdown sceptics, cases per capita are higher than anywhere else in Europe"

A quick look over to EuroMOMO shows that Sweden were one of the least hit countries in Europe.

"partially vaccine-resistant South African mutation" but not resistant to those previously infected, no mention of that.

"allowing for the greater difficulty with which Covid spreads outdoors"

It doesn't spread outdoors... protests, vigils, Super Bowls and common sense prove this.

"Caution, now more than ever, is the only responsible course"

Caution (blind fear and panic) has already caused and continues to cause incredible devastation.... so the more the merrier?

When we ended lockdown-one in July 2020, there wasn't any more Covid for months! Covid, like other respiratory diseases is hugely seasonal, now is the time to end ALL restrictions while preparing for any winter resurgence (what we should have done last time)

If the whole point of restrictions was to 'flatten the curve' and protect the NHS... what threat is the NHS currently under, really?

Pathetic :(


Assuming they're not in the same ridiculous support bubble, the Prince has been prohibited from seeing his grandparents for the last year.... Yet another tragedy of lockdown and this evil government.


Today’s Telegraph https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/04/03/did-free-people-become-relaxed-losing-liberty/

The reaction has has nothing to do with altruism, quite the opposite. The “grown ups” have maxed out the credit card and bequeathed the bill to the next generation justified by selfish fear created by government propaganda; a populist administration obsessed with their Achilles heel - the NHS. You could argue we get the government we deserve, what we voted for. Explain that to my three sons, all under 10 years of age, who’ve just had a big proportion of their lives stolen and will spend their entire lives paying the bill for those who supposedly benefitted and will be long gone, unlike the debt and devastation.